Thursday, 19 April 2012

Site Delight: PetraLingua

Good morning, (or afternoon) lovely friends and readers! I truly hope your Thursday is off to an amazing start, and that it stays that way! It's no secret that I have a bilingual family background, but it doesn't make it easy for us to pass on our skills to our kids. I look at many multilingual families and I cannot believe how easily they integrate languages into their daily routines, mashaAllah. For us, it just doesn't seem to happen naturally - I don't know why.

I got some unschooling help last week and I am loving it. Rainbow and I have a new Site Delight! Petralingua has taken over my home, and I can't complain- we have been exploring language possibilities. Rainbow and I will be sharing our journey with weekly updates...stay tuned!

Here is what Petra had to say about this great interactive language program.

 Hello Chasing Rainbow readers. Let me introduce you to PetraLingua®, a series of specially designed multimedia online language lessons for kids aged 3 – 12.  PetraLingua®, teaches the basics of English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Chinese!I am sure you are aware of the many benefits of early language learning. However, the key advantage of early language exposure is the ability for children to use their natural sense of curiosity to learn a new language without any effort.
 PetraLingua® is a bright, colourful and cheerful program that involves visually stimulating videos, catchy songs, interesting characters and interactive exercises. In addition to being a great teaching resource for the monolingual child, it is also a resource for the bilingual child to continue to reinforce the minority language.
Petralingua® language courses teaches kids the basics of Spanish, French, German, Russian or Chinese, through common everyday situations ( relating to things that are relevant and familiar to their world.  This is important for generating an interest and motivation for learning new things.
 In each lesson new vocabulary is introduced through an introductory video sequence. In addition, a large number of the lessons include songs composed to repeat and practice the vocabulary from the lesson. Children will gladly listen to the cheerful melodies more than once and quickly memorize the new words.
 After each of the vocabulary videos, there are a bunch of interactive exercises that your children can play to practice what they learned. The games really help children remember the words and are easy to do.
 Within the PetraLingua lessons children also have access to an Audio Picture Dictionary which focuses on repetition and memorizing the spoken words, which supports learning alongside the interactive videos and exercises. The PetraLingua website is incredibly easy for kids to navigate. Your children will never have trouble finding their way around the site, or exploring the many different lessons.
PetraLingua® is an enjoyable learning activity that helps to keep your children motivated in learning by letting them explore, just like they do in their first language.
The program works completly on Windows, MAC, iPad, iPhone, as well as on Android tablets and phones.

Visitors can see one entire lesson per language for free:
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MarieHarmony said...

Definitely sounds like a good program Salma, a fun way to learn languages for our little ones.
Children learn very quickly and easily when they are small, it's worth investing time on it.

Take care. xx

Lancie said...

This sounds really cool! My son was born with an ocular/motor disorder and we have been exploring various ways to help exercise his tongue. We went to speech therapy, but then our friend who is spanish started teaching him spanish. Getting him to roll his Rrrr's was the best exercise ever! Now his english is clear beyond words. I would like to give this program a try, who knows what the other languages will help him with. Do you know if they have an Ipad app Salma?

Amalia said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing this!

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Hi Marie- we will be giving mny updates on Rainbow success with the program. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!

Hi Lancie- Kudos, to you for finding a right balance for your family. It's a great thing that your son has been successful in his exercises. Language can make a world of a difference for many reasons :)I will speak to Petra before I sauy yes or no on the IPAD App.

Amalia- this would be a great addition to your everyday lessons. We will share our journey for sure. Maybe Nora could pick up another language? hey, even basic introduction could make a difference.

Salam ladies.

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Hi Lancie- PetraLingua does not have a special iPhone app, but the whole course works on iPhone and iPad completely, as it is. That was their intention from the start.

Sarah @ Baby Bilingual said...

Sounds like fun--I'll have to check out the sample French lesson!

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Hi Sarah- we're working on the French and it has been so much easier (for me) to have a guide, because unschooling can take a lot of planning for little ones.

I hope to read about Griffin's experience.

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